Holy Family Catholic Co-op, which meets every Monday throughout the school year, is a Catholic homeschool cooperative of families who assist each other in our educational and faith journeys. We seek to provide an enjoyable and educational atmosphere where families, in adherence to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, can educate, guide, and enrich their children through class participation and friendships.

We include the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church in our classes, and there is an option for Mass prior to the start of school day (but not required). We will also have days during co-op where we celebrate saints and feast days. Participation in these days is optional.


All homeschooling families in the Pittsburgh area are welcome. Every adult participating in the co-op must get safe environment clearances through the Catholic Church.

Our Board:

Amber Savka, Administrator

Meghan MacInnis, Administrator

Christina Aquilina, Communications 



"For every believer, and especially for Christian families, the humble dwelling place in Nazareth is an authentic school of the Gospel. Here we admire, put into practice, the divine plan to make the family an intimate community of life and love; here we learn that every Christian family is called to be a small "domestic church" that must shine with the Gospel virtues. Recollection and prayer, mutual understanding and respect, personal discipline and community asceticism and a spirit of sacrifice, work and solidarity are typical features that make the family of Nazareth a model for every home.

                                               - St. John Paul II

O Holy Family of Nazareth, community of love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, model and ideal of every Christian family, to you we entrust our families. Open the heart of every family to the faith, to welcoming the Word of God, to Christian witness, so that it becomes a source of new and holy vocations. Touch the hearts of parents, so that with prompt charity, wise care, and loving devotion they be for their sons and daughters sure guides towards spiritual and eternal values. Stir up the hearts of young people a right conscience and a free will, so that growing in “wisdom, age and grace,” they might welcome generously the gift of a Divine vocation. Amen!

Prayer to the Holy Family